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PALM: 4mm AQUA CONTROL GRIP latex + 3mm of foam

CUT: Hybrid Roll/Negative one piece cut

BACKHAND: 5mm synthetic latex + 3 mm of foam

BACK/BODY: Exclusive DS SKIN for breathability and moisture management

FEATURES: New MICRO STRAP 3D system for an individual fit

WRIST CLOSURE: Elastic wristband of 9 cm with 3 fastenings, combined with the exclusive

COLOUR: Blue, White, Yellow

SIZES: 7.5 to 11 including half sizes

RRP: 64.99


The new GHOTTA HYBRID ROLL/NEGATIVE GEN 4 in is an exclusive glove for HO SOCCER UK and the glove of choice for Brighton keeper Nikki Maenpaa.

This glove features our famous Pro quality 4mm AQUA CONTROL Palm which is one of the best latex palms available in the goalkeeping world today and perfectly adapts to both wet and dry conditions and why it’s trusted by many Pro keepers around the world. The backhand is 5cm synthetic latex combined with 3mm of foam for superb comfort. The cut is a traditional ROLL finger design with a wrap over thumb.

Our exclusive DS SKIN is used in the backhands of our GHOTTA Pro gloves. The fabric is very light, soft and comfortable and the tiny perforations in the DS SKIN allows the hands to breath and for moisture to escape helping to keep the hands dryer.

Our M.A.S (Micro Adjustable Strap) system is featured on all of our GHOTTA PRO gloves offering a bespoke fit to the wrist which helps lock the position of the 9cm wrist closure to further reduce unwanted movement during play. The new 3 D Gel M.A.S system is especially useful for keepers with slim wrists including female keepers and also children who often have small wrists.

Roll / Negative

The hybrid roll/negative palm, in a one piece design, blends the best characteristics and properties of the ROLL FINGER cut (security in the grip and enveloping latex all around the fingers) and the NEGATIVE cut (closer fit to the fingers). The forefinger and small finger are often the most exposed and less protected areas of the hand during blocking of the balls which is why we our hybrid palm has roll finger cut on these two fingers. On the two middle fingers we have incorporated a negative design for a optimum fitting and secure handling of the ball.

Aqua Control


4mm Aqua Control Grip is one of HO SOCCER’s most famous palms and is also one of the best latex palms available anywhere. For years this latex palm has been worn by hundreds of Pro keepers around the world.

Aqua Control will give superb performance in both wet and dry conditions and is available in several colours including lime, pink, Red and black.

Micro Adjustable Strap 3D


Our new MICRO STRAP 3D system has been completely renovated and now offers even greater comfort and a secure fit to the wrist to eliminate excessive movement during play.



DS SKIN is an exclusive fabric technology which is soft, comfortable and very light. The special perforations in the fabric allows the hands to breath and for moisture to escape helping to keep the hands dryer during play.