GECKO IKARUS ROLL – Fluo Warning, Anthracite, Black

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PALM: Special 4 mm SUPRA GRIP WARNING latex + 3 mm of foam with our new abrasion protection pad.

CUT: Special Gecko Roll one piece cut.

BACKHAND: 5 mm. of synthetic latex + 3 mm. of foam

BACK/BODY: Exclusive DS SKIN which provides a stronger, lighter and more flexible body whilst allowing for greater breathability.

FEATURES: New MICRO STRAP 3D system for an individual fit.

WRIST CLOSURE: Wrist Closure

COLOUR: Fluo Warning, Anthracite, Black

SIZES: 4, 5, 6, 7

RRP: 42.99


This new Special Edition GECKO IKARUS Hybrid Gecko Roll glove features our new next generation 4 mm SUPRA GRIP WARNING latex palm for superb pro performance in both wet and dry conditions.

The exclusive DS SKIN on the back hand provides superior breathability and wicking properties to transport moisture away from the hands, whilst the new and improved MICRO STRAP 3D system gives a bespoke fit to the wrists.

We have added our new AAS system (Anti Abrasion System) at the base of the palm to protect the most affected areas during training and matches.

Roll Finger


This model has become very popular. Latex to envelop the fingers of the fingers. Important grip security.

Warning Supra Grip


4mm WARNING SUPRA GRIP is one of our ‘next generation’ latex palms. Whilst creating this high quality palm we took into consideration the different materials and technologies found in modern footballs, this greatly influenced the final formula for this latex and the result was a combination of professional performance in all playing conditions as well as improved durability compared to many other latex palms.

Micro Adjustable Strap 3D


Our new MICRO STRAP 3D system has been completely renovated and now offers even greater comfort and a secure fit to the wrist to eliminate excessive movement during play.

Anti Abrasion System


Our A.A.S (Anti Abrasion System) is made from a strong but flexible rubber compound that gives excellent protection to the base of the palm where often gloves take the most impact during training and games.



DS SKIN is an exclusive fabric technology which is soft, comfortable and very light. The special perforations in the fabric allows the hands to breath and for moisture to escape helping to keep the hands dryer during play.