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PALM: 4mm AQUA FORMULA grip with 3mm of dampening foam

CUT: Hybrid Roll/Negative with wrapped thumb

BACKHAND: 5 mm of synthetic embossed latex

WRIST CLOSURE: 9cm elasticised wristband with 3 fastenings

COLOUR: White, Green

SIZES: 7.5 to 11 including half sizes

RRP: 64.99


The IKARUS PRO Hybrid Roll/Negative has in a one piece construction for a closer fit and improved contact with the ball. This glove features our top quality 4 mm AQUA FORMULA latex palm for superb performance in both wet and dry conditions. The 5mm synthetic latex backhand is very soft, comfortable and flexible whilst the neoprene back body offers a superior fit and comfort and the 9cm long wrist strap has 3 fastenings for a secure fit.

Roll / Negative

The hybrid roll/negative palm, in a one piece design, blends the best characteristics and properties of the ROLL FINGER cut (security in the grip and enveloping latex all around the fingers) and the NEGATIVE cut (closer fit to the fingers). The forefinger and small finger are often the most exposed and less protected areas of the hand during blocking of the balls which is why we our hybrid palm has roll finger cut on these two fingers. On the two middle fingers we have incorporated a negative design for a optimum fitting and secure handling of the ball.

Aqua Formula

The 4mm AQUA FORMULA palm is a 'next generation’ pro quality latex in the HO SOCCER range. The special formula in this latex is designed to better adapt to the new materials and technologies of modern footballs in today's football world. The result is an extremely secure grip in both wet and dry conditions.