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PALM: 3mm SUPER SOFT latex Grip

CUT: Roll/Negative palm with wrap over thumb

BACKHAND: New 3D Gel 2.0 system Printing Shield system applied over an ergonomically lightweight body including a punch zone over the fingers

BACK/BODY: Soft and lightweight material with TC FLEECE technology in the body to help regulate the temperature of the hand

WRIST CLOSURE: New long elasticated wrist closure with double fastening and velcro adjustment

COLOUR: Storm Blue, Lime, Black

SIZES: 7.5 to 11 including half sizes

RRP: 57.99


A new generation of goalkeeper gloves has emerged, much lighter in weight but without compromising technical innovation and offering a superb fit to find the correct playing balance in this glove revolution. To compete in this arena HO SOCCER has created a range of super light weight gloves called SUPREMO PRO, SUPREMO CLUB, SSG SUPREMO and SUPREMO CLONE.

The latest SSG SUPREMO 2 has super soft fabric on the backhand and is based on our new SUPREMO PRO 2 elite range to offer the same super light fit and comfort. It also has our new TC FLEECE in the back body for effective temperature regulation of the hand and features our new 3D Gel 2.0 Printing Shield system on the main backhand areas of the glove that come into contact with the ball without sacrificing the lightness, fit or comfort making it effective when punching.

The SSG SUPREMO 2 is equipped with our tried and tested 3mm SUPER SOFT GRIP latex to give keepers pro performance in all playing conditions. The hybrid roll/negative cut palm offers a close single piece fit to the fingers. The new 9cm long elasticated wrist closure with double fastening and velcro adjustment will give a perfect secure fit to the wrist.

Roll / Negative

The hybrid roll/negative palm, in a one piece design, blends the best characteristics and properties of the ROLL FINGER cut (security in the grip and enveloping latex all around the fingers) and the NEGATIVE cut (closer fit to the fingers). The forefinger and small finger are often the most exposed and less protected areas of the hand during blocking of the balls which is why we our hybrid palm has roll finger cut on these two fingers. On the two middle fingers we have incorporated a negative design for a optimum fitting and secure handling of the ball.

Super Soft Grip

Our 3mm SSG (SUPER SOFT GRIP) has been part of the HO SOCCER range for many years and is a tried and tested latex palm which provides an excellent balance between a pro quality grip, shock absorption and good durability  suitable for use in both wet and dry conditions.  



Lightweight TC Fleece technology in the back body helps regulate the temperature inside the glove for improved comfort.

Long Strap

Our new extra long elasticated strap offers a secure 'wrap around' double closure for an even closer fit to the wrists.


Silcone inserts have been positioned on the 3D PRINTING SHIELD SYSTEM over a lightweight one piece construction designed to give an effective punch zone.