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The making of our gloves

Inspired By Nature


Inspired By Nature


This is something that you will see and hear HO SOCCER say from time to time. This statement simply but proudly refers to our sense of free spirit and the fact that we will not be constrained by boundaries, as we prefer to believe that anything is possible.

In the early stages of designing our gloves many factors are taken into consideration. We talk to our sponsored pro keepers and coaches to discuss potential improvements in functionality and fit so that we can continue to offer the best gloves possible. We also research designs and future colour trends many months in advance of production.

In today’s modern football world we believe that it’s important to consider the various playing surfaces and weather conditions as well as the many different technologies and materials used in footballs today, used in both professional and amateur leagues to ensure that our professional latex palms are able to perform at their best at all times.

All of these important stages are carefully considered long before we sit down and decide on our exclusive patterns and choose the best colours to compliment the gloves that we offer you each season.


We also consider the ergonomic requirements of the hand to achieve the perfect fit along with the correct balance of support and comfort to the hand. Each year we closely look at the availability of new innovations in raw materials which we often test to see if they can add something new to our gloves and of course if this can then be incorporated alongside our current technology and design ideas.


Long before a HO SOCCER glove is available to be purchased we put them through vigorous and hard ‘testing sessions’ with our sponsored professional keepers and coaches to obtain valuable feedback both positive and negative to enable us to adapt and fine tune our gloves before we begin production.

GHOTTA Infinity

For our 2016 GHOTTA collection we introduced our loud and proud INFINITY pattern which was one of the most unique designs we have ever put on a glove. This incredibly complicated design process takes place on a sophisticated vector graphics editor system called CorelDRAW which we often use to create our glove designs. Our unique system bundles CorelDraw with graphic related programs to allow us to unleash our ideas, push boundries and create amazing and unique gloves. The INFINITY design is made up of thousands of individual lines which were programmed into CorelDRAW to create this unique and amazing pattern.


The Legacy pattern was another unique design from the creative minds of HO SOCCER’S design team. To create this pattern we first looked at Celtic and ancient Mayan symbols to see if we could incorporate one of these symbols onto our gloves. We explored various possibilities to see what worked and what didn’t and finally we decided on a design that we felt looked great and the LEGACY was born!


For the 2016 Euro Finals we wanted to create a completely new glove design to celebrate everything English. The St George’s flag had already been used by many goalkeeper brands over the years and so we wanted to see if we could take the concept further and create glove design never done before.The design idea was to place St George on the right hand glove fighting the Dragon on the left hand glove. The execution of this complicated design was extremely difficult but we were determined to re-create the legend of St George and the Dragon and bring the story back to life. After many hours of hard work HO SOCCER’S best designer Manuel created an amazing glove of which we are very proud.


In Jan 2017 we introduced the IKARUS glove range for the first time, which was the start of an exciting new era for HO SOCCER and without doubt the most important step forward since the brand was born in 2001. The IKARUS range features several amazing and new latex palms and also our new 3D GEL system which gives keepers a superb punch zone. Also, our completely new and renovated MICRO STRAP 3D made its first appearance on the IKARUS which offers even great comfort and protection to the wrist.