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FEATURES: offers excellent protection and support for finger and wrist injuries

MATERIAL: high strength elastic polyester non-woven cloth and latex

SIZES: One size (5cm x 4.5m)

COLOUR: black, blue, white, green, orange, yellow, pink

RRP: £2.99


HO SOCCER Protection Tape

The HO SOCCER Protection tape is a cohesive and flexible tape that offers excellent protection and support for finger and wrist injuries, or to give improved protection from impacts during training or games. Non sticky and very strong it can be easily torn without the use of scissors. The tape can also be used to strap up ankles for support or hold socks and shin guards in place.

HO SOCCER introduces a convenient technical sports tape which uniquely sticks to itself and not to the skin or hair, eliminating the need for pins or additional tape to hold it in place.

Technical Information

This flexible cohesive tape is made from a combination of high strength elastic polyester non-woven cloth and latex, which allows cohesive properties making, it an ideal way to support and protect your wrist and fingers during each training session or game.

Support and Compression

The elastomeric yarns and latex cohesive coating in the tape ensures that the tape stays in place on your fingers, wrist or feet for extended periods of time, whilst providing the correct level of support and compression required.

Flexible, Strong and Durable

The lightweight non-woven materials in the tape allows excellent porosity whilst its flexibility allows the tape to conform to body contours, ensuring a high degree of support and comfort.

Ease of use

HO SOCCER Protection tape is non sticky to the touch and had non slip properties and unrolls easily so it can be quickly applied.

Very strong

The materials in the tape offer a high resistance to tearing, abrasion and wear but can still be easily hand torn for convenience. The tape will absorb energy from shocks or impacts and is designed to provide measured compression whilst maintaining a non-slip fit to your body.

Superbly flexible and shape conforming

The tape does not shrink and when properly applied provides excellent elastic return pressure with reduced risk of compromising circulation.

Extremely comfortable and lightweight

The tape also provides excellent porosity, allowing the skin to breathe, whilst the structure is water resistant, so will stay dryer for longer.


As well as offering perfect support and protection to the hands our protection tape is also ideal for a number of uses such as strapping up an injured ankle, holding up socks or keeping an ice pack in place on an injured area.

Size and colours

  • 5cm width x 4.5 meters long.
  • Colours: black, blue, white, green, orange, yellow and pink.
  • Each bandage is individually wrapped to preserve freshness and cleanliness.